Welcome to Asgard. The first token in the DeFi realm of Yggdrasil.

Asgard is the protector of the realm, inhabited by the strongest of the Norse pantheon. They will be the guardians, watching over the entire eco-system!
CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xAFa86976226c6b22C4828048b88B0fBFac861cc2


Asgard is a launchpad token that will reward investors in Ethereum in a time where accumulation is the path to Valhalla!Investors can wrap their tokens safely and claim their ETH rewards using our DAPP. Once you have wrapped your tokens you will start earning rewards immediately.


Buys - 6%

  • 3% to Eth Rewards

  • 2% to Liquidity

  • 1% to Development Fund

Sells - 9%

  • 4% to Eth Rewards

  • 2% to Liquidity

  • 3% to Development Fund

Bifrost Launchpad

Investors who wrap their tokens will also have exclusive whitelisting for Asgard’s launchpad, Bifrost. To be eligible for any token launch via Bifrost, tokens must be wrapped before the beginning of the raise. All Yggdrasil tokens will be launched using this platform.